the scenic route

Whew!   The past week has been a whirlwind, and it’s so nice to be stretched out on my in-laws’ couch, writing our first blog while it pours down rain outside.  In the past few days we have finished our jobs and moved out of the first apartment we shared as a married couple.  We pared down our belongings to only what would fit in our car and moved the rest to storage.  Let’s just say it’s incredibly humbling to realize how little we really need to bring.  (also, Hyundai should win awards for their Sonata’s ample trunk space).  Tomorrow we will officially move from Alabama and head to our friend Casey’s home in Spartanburg, SC.  From there, we’ll spend two days hanging out in Washington, DC, before heading to Connecticut on Friday.   Typing out directions that include toll roads made me realize we are officially moving to the North!

We hope this little blog will be a good way to update friends and family on this great new adventure.  We decided to name it “The Scenic Route” not only because of the wonderful new things we are sure to see, but also for the incredible things the Lord will show us about Himself along the way.  Even in our preparations to begin travel nursing, He has given us greater glimpses of His faithfulness, His provision and His grace.  We can look back and see how He has carried us down this road long before we knew we were on it.  The small details He has cared for in the past few weeks has been a great testimony to His faithfulness.  Until a few days ago, we didn’t know the actual address of the apartment we will move into this Friday.  Yet something about putting everything we own into a car and preparing to move to a state we’ve never seen has grown a trust in Him that we’ve never known — and maybe would never have reached if we stayed in our comfortable life in Auburn. 

We have enjoyed everything about our life in Auburn, and it has been hard to say goodbye to so many people that we love like family.  But we can also now see how we were in danger of growing comfortable in our view of the Lord.  Very little about our lives in the past few years has required actual faith — the assurance of things we cannot see.  While we have stepped out in faith here and there, our lives were extremely comfortable and predictable.  For the first time in my life, I now truly see how dependent we are on the Lord for everything and it’s allowed me to trust Him in a way that I never knew I lacked.  My type-A personality didn’t even blink when we gave up our jobs and apartment without yet knowing where we were moving.  We knew He called us to this and He would provide for us.  He’s not asking us to run the whole race at once — just to take the next step.  So for the past few months, we’ve just been focusing on trusting Him with the next thing presented to us and believing that all of those steps will add up to one beautiful route. 

So as much as I feel a little selfish in starting a blog all about us, I’m hoping it will actually be a place to share all about Him and what He is doing through this new phase in our life.  We hope you’ll stop by often to see pictures and share in our stories!



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5 responses to “the scenic route

  1. Shay

    Rebecca and Charlie,
    Marc and I will miss you greatly, but I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for two of his most devoted servants. This adventure will definitely be a part of the story you will share with future generations, about what you have learned from stepping out on some great faith!
    I love you!

  2. Sharon Wilbanks

    Thanks for keeping us posted with how God is working in your lives. We can’t wait to see you again in December!

  3. Mary Stritch

    Am excited to share your journey and your spiritual insights. God is good all the time!

  4. Phyllis Rice

    Your blog is a great idea! I am looking forward to reading it often! Have a blast and be blessed!

  5. Jennifer Faircloth

    I’m so very blessed by the faith journey of you two and anticipating more of His good gifts for you in each day’s walk. Godspeed to Connecticut!

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