Working Vacation

So we’ve made several posts about all the fun we’ve been having, but we realized yesterday we’ve barely said a word about Charlie’s job and my volunteer work with New Haven Home Recovery!  That is what we’re doing the majority of the time after all.  While we’re blessed to be in a beautiful location that offers a lot of great things to do on our days off, the Lord certainly has work for us here.  I’ll let Charlie start with updating you on work at Yale-New Haven Hospital (yay for his first blog-writing appearance!)

First off, Yale is a huge hospital…I mean HUGE!  The medical intensive care (which is where I work) is the size of a normal medical floor at my old hospital.  They say it has 40 beds but that is only because they keep a few closed at all times.  It is divided on two floors, one of which is about 30 ICU beds the other is about 16 ICU beds and 16 “step down” beds.  Each day I go in I am not sure which floor I will be working on or if I will be in the “Step down” or the ICU.  Step down is 3 marginally less sick patients to one nurse, ICU is 2 marginally more sick patients to one nurse. So either way it is about the same amount of work.  I have really enjoyed it so far, everyone has been incredibly helpful to me.  Of course they all love my southern accent which I still don’t feel like I have, and I love their northern accent which they don’t know they have.  Overall the patients aren’t all that much different, though we don’t ever get any heart attack patients.  Its kind of funny how at Baptist in the CCU we didn’t like getting the medical overflow patients and now all I get are medical patients.  I guess the Lord knew what He was doing placing me in the CCU for experience.  It is different being at such a big teaching hospital too, there are residents and fellows for every patient and every discipline.  Every time the doctors round on my patient there is a pack of them.  It is nice though to know what their plan is for the day and to have them ask my opinion.  Being a traveler hasn’t really bitten me yet either, though I did get floated to another ICU for 4 hours in the middle of a shift once.  I have really enjoyed it here and I can always say, “Yale… yeah, I used to work there.”

In the meantime, I (Rebecca) have been enjoying my hours each week at New Haven Home Recovery.  I normally go in on Monday and Wednesday afternoons to answer the phones and work on researching items for their upcoming auction.  It’s basic work, but it’s been a great way to get a real glimpse of the other, less-perfect side of the community we’re enjoying.  If someone is being evicted, experiencing a financial hardship, etc. they call NHHR and reach me first.  They normally sound tired and frustrated, and it’s been a blessing to realize that I can at least offer them a friendly voice.  The Lord’s definitely teaching me humility by putting me in this simple position.  I may get involved in other ways such as helping to rework the organization’s website content, etc. but for now I’m learning a lot just by listening.

So that is what we’re up to when we’re not out enjoying the beautiful fall weather, entering apple fritter eating contests and being taught the ins and outs of Italian wedding traditions* over s’mores with new friends from church!


*All I (Rebecca) heard in that conversation was “we usually have a 20 foot long table filled with cookies.”



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2 responses to “Working Vacation

  1. Sharon Irish

    Hi, Rebecca and Charlie – Sounds like God is using you both where He has planted you for this short time. Rebecca, I still miss seeing you in your office but it does bring your face to mind and that makes my heart smile. Don’t forget to contact Kristen if you need help or a friend. And guess what – I’ll be coming up the first week of December for my nephew’s graduation. So send me your cell number and I’ll give you a call. Y’all take care and we’ll see you soon. Hugs and kisses.

  2. Sheila

    So wonderful to hear about your daily lives. Stay close to each other and in God’s will and He will bless you immeasurably.

    love to you both,

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