Today is our last day in New England.  Charlie will spend it at work, and I’ll spend it trying to figure out how we ever got all of this stuff into our car to begin with.  I wish we could spend it together, soaking up the last little bit of New England spirit.  However, it’s so fun to think back to all the days we enjoyed doing just that.  We have done some incredible things here and it is definitely bittersweet to leave this area that has become so special to us.

Here are some things we’ll always remember with a huge grin on our faces:

  • Beautiful, October days with nothing to do but get in the car and go somewhere new
  • Feeling like we were driving onto a page of God’s coloring book on Route 121 in Vermont
  • Reaching the top of Bromley Mountain on the Appalachian Trail
  • Enjoying hot late-night donuts on Martha’s Vineyard after a day exploring the shore
  • Apple picking on a beautiful fall day
  • Falling asleep next to the fire on a cold Maine night
  • Walking through the woods at Sleeping Giant State Park
  • Dinner with our innkeepers at The Perfect Wife
  • Skipping rocks as the sun went down over Pemaquid Point in Maine
  • Finishing books at our favorite coffee shop on a Tuesday afternoon
  • Dreaming of what our life would look like if we packed up and moved to St. George Peninsula in Maine (note: according to Charlie, it would involve the purchase of an international scout Jeep)
  • All the back road diners that fed us so well
  • Family dinners with Nicola, Joe and Jessica
  • Watching the sun set at Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard, then seeing it come up again in Oak Bluffs

There is so much more that comes to mind, but I’d have to rewrite our entire experience to express it all.  The friends we made, the church we attended, the lessons God taught us, His beauty we witnessed everywhere we turned – all of it is overwhelming when I think about it collectively.  It’s so strange that this part of the story is over, but I’m so glad that this chapter is now in our book.  It’s definitely my favorite so far!

Tomorrow we start making our way to Alabama and then Mississippi for the holidays.  We’ll then move on to Texas in January, though we’re not sure in what city our next assignment will be.  As we wrap up our time in New England, it’s incredible to think that we get to start a new adventure all over again in a few weeks.  The anticipation of what we’ll discover next makes saying goodbye a little easier, but not by much.



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2 responses to “Goodbye

  1. sheila

    What a wonderful gift God has given you, and us thru your blogs. I can’t wait to see you both. Drive safely back home.
    Love to you both,
    mom duffield

  2. Mark

    The places you describe seem almost as beautiful as the words you used to describe them….

    Safe travels

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