You want us to just sit around and pray?!

We have about three weeks until Charlie’s contract in Arizona ends on April 14, and a few weeks ago we began the process of finding his next assignment.  Now that we have two travel nurse companies working with us (the company who took us to CT and its sister company who found us his current job), we were feeling pretty hopeful that we would make it to our next dream location, Colorado.

Then we actually started talking to the recruiters.  It turns out Colorado is not exactly a hotbed of travel nurse assignments right now.  We need a back-up plan.  Enter, California.  We were told it takes 6-8 weeks to get a license in California, and we applied with a very narrow margin for receiving the license on time.  We’ve been praying it will come through before our assignment ends just in case we can’t go to Colorado.

Then, yesterday, we checked in with both companies to see how things were coming along (i.e., has anything opened up in CO).  They said no and suggested we call the CA Board of Nursing to check on the license status.  There are a million jobs in CA at any given time, and if we can get the license then they can place us in a position in a matter of days.  So Charlie called the Board.  That’s when we were given the run around and told that his paperwork was received, but not entered into the system yet.  The woman also said that it would take 10-12 weeks for the license to be approved!

Enter, panic attack.

My mind began swirling with the lack of options should nothing come open in Colorado.  We have a Texas license – should we go there even though we don’t really want to?  Should we extend here in AZ for another 10 weeks waiting for the license (even though we really don’t want to?)  What if we took a job in Texas and then the license magically came in early and we were stuck going east when we really want to go west?

I started to tear up and looked at Charlie and said, “How do we know what to do?  There are too many options and none of them seem right!”

That’s when my sweet, calm, rock of a husband just simply said, “Well, we pray about it.  That’s all we can do.”

And I have to admit, my first thought was, “But who knows how long that could take!”

Prayer.  It involves so much waiting when all I want to do is make a plan.  We need a plan!  I need to figure this out!  The thought of waiting around in prayer just felt so…unsatisfying.

After my mind cleared a little from the initial panic, I realized that of course Charlie is right.  Prayer is the only thing we need.  It’s actually the one thing that will satisfy our need for a direction, for an answer.  We could spin our wheels trying to formulate a plan for how to get to our next assignment, but really God is wanting to do this for us.  He proved that by dropping this AZ job into our laps without any effort on our part at all.  I could spin my wheels and exhaust my mind with my own ideas, or I could use that energy to surrender the situation to Him every minute and trust (based on His abundant past examples) that He will provide for us.

Prayer.  What a brilliant plan!

“The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.”  Exodus 14:14



After the little lesson I learned above, everything seemingly fell into place.  We spoke with one of our recruiters who felt sure the estimated 10-12 weeks for the CA license was incorrect and suggested we call back.  We did and spoke to a woman who was much more helpful.  In short, we should have our CA license by the end of April at the latest.  That means that if nothing opens in CO, we could extend our current contract for two weeks and then head to California.

In the meantime, Charlie also went ahead and applied with a third company who does show they have CO jobs available now. We spoke with them on the phone yesterday and they have a job in Denver.  Once they check Charlie’s references, they will put him in for that position.  If that job works out, then we could head to Colorado on April 16 like we’ve hoped for all along.  If that doesn’t work out for some reason, then we’re happy with the idea of extending here for another few weeks and then going to California.

I think God just needed to give us a little heart attack to remind us that He is still the big, capable God who has walked us through uncertainty before and certainly will do so again and again if needed!


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