Our first visitor!

We have had a blast the past five days!  One of our favorite people ever came to visit:

Madison (whose family is like family to us back in Auburn) is on Spring Break this week, and a few weeks ago she texted to see if she could come out to visit us.  Silly question.  

(A little background on Madison:  she’s the daughter of Kelly, who I worked with at AUMC, and she and her sister Abby are in our old youth group.  We’ve been on mission trips to Costa Rica twice with them and love their whole family to death.  Madison is an infectious mix of silliness, kindness and adventure with a great heart for serving others and dreaming big about what the Lord can do through her.  She pretty much rocks!)

We almost couldn’t contain ourselves before we picked her up in Phoenix on Saturday morning.  You see, we’d been keeping a little secret from Madison.  When we picked her up mid-morning, she had no idea we were immediately driving four hours north so she could see the Grand Canyon for the first time.  It was so fun to surprise her and have the bonus of a great car ride to catch up when she first got here.

We spent the afternoon driving down Desert View road and stopping at all the lookouts.  The weather was gorgeous that day, and we sat on the rock ledge outside the main lodges to watch the sun slowly set.  It was fun to be at the canyon again, and even better to be there with Madison as we sang along to XM radio at the top of our lungs and tried to decipher the meaning to the Tori Amos song “Cornflake Girl.”  Seriously, if anyone has any insights on that one, we’d love to hear them.

On Sunday, we took Madison to the church we’ve been attending (Victory Baptist) and then had lunch at The Big House Cafe downtown.  Charlie and I both had cups of posole, a southwestern soup we keep hearing about, and Madison had what may have been the most massively perfect grilled cheese sandwich ever.  We girls did some shopping that afternoon, but we mostly hung out at the apartment and goofed around (not hard to do with the three of us weirdos).

I took Madison to the soup kitchen on Monday so she could see what I’ve been up to on the days that Charlie works.  She has such a servant’s heart and really loves missions, so I knew she’d fit right in.  After serving lunch, we picked up Charlie and headed to Scottsdale.  Madison and I enjoyed going nuts in H&M, while Charlie patiently waited for us in the Nike store (in between ogling the Ferraris and Rolls Royces valeted out front).  After renewing our energy with a bag full of candy at the local candy store, we headed to downtown Scottsdale.  This is a really cute part of town that we’d been wanting to go to – it has tons of Western and novelty shops, restaurants, etc.

After window shopping for awhile, we took Madison for some authentic Mexican food followed by dessert at the cutest 50s ice cream parlor called The Sugar Bowl.  The Sugar Bowl also has an arcade and, after our sundaes, Madison and Charlie battled it out on the basketball game (sidenote: Charlie lost to a girl).

Tuesday morning started off with breakfast downtown at The Cook E Jar, where Madison and I had the famous cinnamon roll french toast.  While this was awesome at the time, we later had to admit this was not the best pre-hike breakfast choice.  We had been wanting to go back to Picacho Peak since our great hike there several weeks ago, and Madison being here was a great chance to do that.  The three of us are a lot alike in that we’d rather be outside all of the time, so we really enjoyed spending an afternoon in the sun as we killed our legs and made it to the saddle of the mountain.  The views from there are gorgeous, and it was fun to show Madison a different view of the desert we’d been driving through.

We spent the rest of the afternoon laying around by the pool and having a mini-marathon of Modern Family (this is in between goofing off the other 90% of the time).

Madison left this morning, and I swear her time here went by way too fast.  We had such a fun few days showing her around, cracking up constantly, getting on huge sugar highs and just hanging out.  Madison, we love you like crazy and are so glad you came to see us!

See more pictures from Madison’s visit here


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  1. Mark

    A great report on a fun time! I enjoyed reading it and also seeing the bonus video. (I’m not a big fan of Columbia, but that commercial was really well done!). Mark

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