Disappointed? Rejoice!

As crazy of a process as it always is, I think we’re getting a hang of this “get the next travel assignment” thing.  At the end of February, Charlie applied for nursing licenses in both Colorado and California.  We were really hoping to go to Colorado next (CO hiking in the spring anyone?) and save California for later, but we’ve also learned the benefit of having a back-up plan.  California always has nursing jobs, and now that we’re out west, it’s a good permanent license to have just in case.

Weeks went by with our recruiters (both the one who got us to CA and the one with a different company who got us to AZ) saying there was nothing in Colorado.  So we started to think that maybe we’d need that California license after all.  California licenses take a notoriously long time to be approved, and we knew we would be cutting it close to receive it by the time Charlie’s Arizona contract is up.

So we called the CA Nursing Board and this happened.

I wrote that post on a Thursday after we’d been told it would be a month at the earliest.  Charlie randomly checked the board’s website that Sunday and saw that he’d been issued a license.  What was supposed to take weeks took a day.

We began going over possible CA jobs with our recruiters and asked to be put in for nearly everything in the San Fransisco Bay area.  We definitely had our preferences, mainly based on proximity to the coast.  I had about three city names floating around in my mind and prayers, and none of them included a town called Antioch.  But one night a manager from Sutter Delta Medical Center in Antioch called to interview Charlie.  He learned it’s a smaller hospital (which he prefers) and that many of the ICU nurses are former travel nurses from the South who stayed on permanently.  He began to talk more about Antioch.  I always smiled and thought, “That’s nice.  You’ll forget all about it when we’re in (insert name of nicer town closer to the Pacific here).”  

We always pray that God would close the door on every possible job, only giving us a contract offer for the one He wants us to take.  Last week I watched as the doors leading to all my “preferred” cities closed one by one.  In some cases, the hospital realized it didn’t need as many nurses after all.  In one case, the facility was looking for a neuro-specialized nurse.  The only two left standing were in Antioch and Santa Clara.  We had a contract offer from Antioch and were waiting to hear from the hospital in Santa Clara.

Come on Santa Clara with your higher pay, 30-minute Pacific access, no need to cross a bridge to San Fran and your next-door neighbor status to Palo Alto!

We knew we needed to decide by Wednesday before Antioch retracted their offer, so we vowed to give Santa Clara until that afternoon.

Of course, we never heard from them.  We accepted the Antioch offer immediately and breathed a huge, contented sigh.  We know where we’re going next week when we continue this crazy travel nurse adventure!

The Lesson:

Antioch really does look like a beautiful town, right on the river delta between San Francisco and Sacramento.  It just fell off my short list only because it had so many flashier towns to be compared to.  That’s when I realized that I was comparing it to my various desires – not the Lord’s.  In light of my own will, going to Antioch seems like we missed out on somewhere cooler.  But when I consider it from God’s perspective, we’re going to His top choice for us!

Think about it – how many times do we allow ourselves to feel disappointed because something didn’t work out according to how we wanted.  If we choose to think of that situation as working out exactly how the Lord wanted, then the outcome is suddenly something to be rejoiced!  One of the hardest things to do as believers is lay down our own desires for His.  I learned a lot this week about choosing to rejoice because His will has obviously been accomplished, regardless of how I initially judged the outcome.

I know God has plans for us in Antioch – He wouldn’t have made our path there so undeniably clear if He didn’t.  His way of leading us to Casa Grande was so similar, and we’ve been incredibly blessed by our time here. I can’t wait to see what He has for us to do and learn in His next home for us!


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One response to “Disappointed? Rejoice!

  1. sheila

    I can’t believe just how beautiful it all is!! You are completely surrounded by God’s gift of beauty. Even the pictures take my breath away. I wish I could have come for a visit, but have really enjoyed seeing it thru your eyes.
    Be careful in your journey to California, I look forward to the trip with you.

    love to you both,

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