Goodbye Arizona – Thanks for the thrift store fashion memories

As we spend today packing the car in anticipation of leaving for California tomorrow, we can’t help but think back on how much fun we’ve had in Arizona.  Perhaps the best part of our time here has been the church we’ve attended, Victory Baptist.  The warm, caring people there welcomed us in like family and we were incredibly blessed by the fundamental and challenging preaching.  I learned a lot from seeing a tiny slice of this church’s life as they prayed earnestly for others, loved them in the simple yet profound way Christ loves us, and held strong to their commitment to upholding the truth of God’s word, both in the pulpit and in their hearts.

The church also produced one of my favorite stories from our time here.  And so, as we prepare to say goodbye to the desert, I leave you with the tale of how I won “coolest” at the Victory Baptist Church Ladies’ Thrift Store Fashion Show.

At the end of March, I attended our church’s ladies’ fellowship night.  It was a great way to get to know the other women beyond saying hello in between hymns on Sunday morning.  Part of the night featured a “thrift store fashion show.”  I, along with many other ladies, had signed up to participate several weeks in advance and I was ready.  The week before, I had scored the ultimate tacky dress at the Salvation Army and was confident that it would be a hit.

When the time came for the fashion show, they called all of the participants into the lobby and gave us our walking instructions.  I brought my bag with my dress, heels and jewelry with me, thinking we’d have a few moments to change.  All the other sweet ladies stood there in their cute knit pantsuits, looking adorable and pulled together.

Then, a woman turns to me and says, “Oh – you need to change clothes?”

Me: “Um…yes. This is the dress I bought.  Don’t you all need to change clothes?”

Woman (smiling and looking down at her matching, summery Cato outfit): “This is my outfit!  I got it for a steal at Goodwill. Isn’t it great?”

Say what?  So off I go into the bathroom to quickly change into my outfit.  When I come out, there I am in a lobby full of women my mother’s age in their normal, mother clothes and I am in this:

Apparently the term “thrift store fashion show” means different things to different people.  To me, it clearly means “find the exact dress Kelly from 90210 would have worn to homecoming and work it.”  To these ladies it meant, “pick up something extra on my weekly Goodwill hunt.”

However crazy, the dress was a big hit (I don’t think some ladies realized it was a joke – one even told me that Charlie has to take me on a nice date now that I’ve got this fabulous dress).

So yes, you are looking at the winner of the “Coolest” category at the Victory Baptist Church Ladies’ Thrift Store Fashion Show.

And that is what we did in Arizona.



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2 responses to “Goodbye Arizona – Thanks for the thrift store fashion memories

  1. Mark

    What a GREAT story! Wear it next time you’re in OS and I’ll take you to The Shed for some tasty BBQ! Dad

  2. Phyllis and Ted

    No wonder you got coolest!!! smile Great story! Something like that happened to us one year. Katie needed a t-shirt for “Tacky T-shirt Night” at Treasure Oak. I gave her a tee from AZ that Ted’s folks had sent for Christmas. It had the howling wolf and a road runner…mauve on blue. She wore that and two women asked her why she would wear that to tacky tee night…it was so pretty! smile How wonderful that God has made us all so different…whether we see things as tacky or treasure! Yay, God!
    Have a safe trip, kiddos…God bless you! Love…

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