From California to Wyoming, it’s only the beginning

We will be moving into our new apartment in Wyoming this time next week!  A tiny hospital in Rock Springs, WY, called Charlie on Tuesday for an interview then offered him the job that afternoon.  We didn’t even know his name was in for this position.  It was definitely the Lord who once again had a plan we couldn’t have anticipated and dropped us right in the middle of it when He was ready. I can’t wait to see what He has in mind for us in rural Wyoming – I can’t even really picture what living there will be like!

Since our incredible time in California is ending soon, last Thursday we headed back over the coast one last time.  We have actually been planning this particular trip for a while, but it kept getting pushed back.  We’ve had some action-packed days while on this assignment, but this day trip was all about relaxing and soaking up the last of the salt air.

We pulled into Half Moon Bay around 10:00 a.m. and saw that we were in for a chilly, overcast visit.  No worries though, since that’s the perfect weather for a drive up Hwy 1 with a caramel latte!  After a quick stop at our favorite coffee shop on Main Street, we drove about seven miles south to a small fishing village called Pescadero.

On the far side of town is Harley Farms, a small goat farm that produces a dozen varieties of goat cheese.  We got there just as they were opening and enjoyed sampling.  They even have an edible flower bed which they use to scent one variety of cheese, also making a gorgeous design on top of the wheel.  We chose a small tub of the garlic-herb flavor before heading out back to say hi to their goats.

We found a pen for three five-week-old kids and had a blast playing with them while they tried to eat our shirts.  Any anxiety about finding a job melted away as we stroked their soft fur, looking up at the mountains behind us and smelling the salt blowing in off the Pacific a mile away.  In another life, I think we’ll seriously consider owning an ocean-side goat farm.

Back in town, we stopped by the local market to pick up a warm loaf of their famous garlic-artichoke bread.  I have to admit: this was one of our main reasons for wanting to come to Pescadero!  There’s at least 8 artichoke hearts baked into each loaf of the soft, herbed bread, and it is to die for!  Charlie also slid a bottle of cheap wine onto the check-out line, and this (along with our gigantic Brentwood peaches) was our lunch twenty minutes later:

And to think I almost just brought us PB&Js to eat that day!  We camped out at a picnic table overlooking Pescadero Beach for about an hour, watching the seagulls hunt in the tidepools and the waves roll in beyond.  The air was still chilly and damp, so we decided that rather than sit on the beach all afternoon, we’d take a scenic drive down Hwy 1 to Santa Cruz.  This is the only section we hadn’t driven between Carmel and Pacifica, and we thought it would be fun to knock it out.

Only a few miles down the road, we ran into the Pigeon Point Lighthouse and stopped to enjoy its beautiful view of the coast.

For the next couple of hours, we wound our way down to Santa Cruz and then back up to Half Moon Bay.  Why the out-and-back?  We had somewhere to be!

We bought a Groupon several weeks ago to kayak in Half Moon Bay, and we were finally able to do it on this trip!  We spent the next hour gliding through the inner and outer harbors as we watched the pelicans bug the fishermen and the boats roll by beyond us.  We even saw a sea lion swimming just in front of Charlie’s kayak.

It was our first time getting beyond the shore (the water is freezing after all!), and it was a blast.  There was one moment where we were both still, just looking around and enjoying this new perspective, that we caught each other’s eye and grinned.

This is why we’re on this crazy, sometimes stressful, always exciting, adventure.  And it’s worth it.”

I can’t wait to see where we’ll be when that moment comes again (over and over and over!) in Wyoming.  This last picture is from the morning we left Alabama almost a year ago to begin travel nursing.  I look at it and feel overwhelmed at the thought that this was the moment we jumped off the cliff.  This was the moment we began a journey into places we’d never seen, never thought we’d see.

I’m also struck by how, as we look forward to beginning in a new place next week, we still have the same wide-eyed excitement to run full-force at whatever is in front of us.  We may be hitting the mid-point of our travel nursing plan, but we’re always just beginning again.

(I’m also thinking, “Ha!  I know how to pack that sucker better than that by now!”)

See more pictures from our trip here.



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2 responses to “From California to Wyoming, it’s only the beginning

  1. Mark

    Thanks for your witness to all of us as you and Charlie waited on His will!

  2. sheila

    You two give a whole new meaning to the phrase “… from sea to shining sea..” Thanks for taking us along with you!
    love to you both.

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