Our 12 Favorite Memories from the Past 12 Months

It’s our travel-versary!

One year ago today, we pulled into New Haven, CT, and officially began our travel nursing adventure (though I kind of think the three day trip up there was a major adventure as well!).  Our car was filled to the brim, and our hearts were full of hope and excitement.  We had anticipated that day for over three years, yet we still had no idea what was in store for us.  Twelve months and four assignments later, we have racked up a lot of memories and learned a lot of lessons.  The Lord has blessed us, challenged us, encouraged us, and brought us closer to both Him and each other.

We thought we’d celebrate our one year of traveling by choosing our twelve favorite memories from the past twelve months.  This was not easy!  So many wonderful experiences are not mentioned here, but are certainly reflected on the rest of the blog.  We each chose our favorites, then shared them with each other.  A few overlapped, so we listed them together then continued with our separate lists.  Also, these are definitely not in any order!  Choosing 12 is hard enough, but ranking them would be impossible.

So, while we look back on this year, here’s to another!  I can’t even begin to imagine what He has in store.

Top 12 Favorite Memories (from both lists)

1.  Spontaneously deciding on the Martha’s Vineyard ferry to stay a second night on the island – the moment we realized how flexible our new life was and how we were in charge of making this experience whatever we wanted to be.

2.  Our full day in Vermont – waking up at our first B&B, the cozy drive on Route 121 to Grafton through the movie-set of leaves, cheese and maple syrup tasting, dinner with Kami and Kevin at the Perfect Wife

3.  Madison’s visit – nonstop laughter and fun with one of our favorite people in the world

Charlie’s List

1.  Floating the Green River in Wyoming for our third anniversary

2.  Just the two of us hiking to the summit of Picacho Peak in Arizona

3.  Hike alongside Vernal Falls waterfall in Yosemite National Park

4.  Morning hike to watch Old Faithful erupt from above at Yellowstone National Park

5.  Driving the coast of Maine and being suprised how we were constantly surrounded by the ocean

6.  Running out into the Pacific ocean for the first time in Monterrey, California

7.  Kayaking in Half Moon Bay

8.  Staying in the La Posada hotel in Winslow, AZ

9.  Breakfast at Indian Gardens Market in Sedona then driving through the canyon to Flagstaff

Rebecca’s List

1.  “Friendsgiving” – even though we were all away from family, we had the most wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with our “Connecticut family”, Joe, Nicola and Jessica.

2.  Skipping rocks at sunset on Pemaquid Point in Maine, then driving in the twighlight to dinner at a small town diner where the whole town seemed to be having pie.  Falling asleep next to the fire at our B&B was the icing on the cake!

3.  California picnics – our first day in Sonoma at GunBun winery, our impromptu picnic overlooking Pescadero Beach with fresh goat cheese and artichoke bread, and our shady picnic looking out at Yosemite Falls

4.  Trying all four of Levain Bakery’s 6 oz. cookies in one sitting in NYC

5.  Dates at “our place” in Phoenix, the Cherryblossom Noodle Cafe – I loved driving up in the early afternoon for coffee at Lola’s, then having a long, lazy dinner where we felt as much like “regulars” as possible.

6.  Sunset at Menemsha, followed by equally exquisite sunrise at Oaks Bluff on Martha’s Vineyard

7.  The ladies’ Bible study at Victory Baptist, and all the fellowship we enjoyed with the people there

8.  Breakfast of banana pecan french toast at MJ’s and shopping the Brentwood, CA farmer’s market on lazy Saturday mornings

9.  Hiking in Sedona all day then hanging out at our favorite brewery, Oak Creek, for drum circle night with good beer and free popcorn



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3 responses to “Our 12 Favorite Memories from the Past 12 Months

  1. Mark

    What wonderful memories and what a creative way to share them! I can’t wait for more reports as you build your list form “Year Two” Dad/Mark

  2. Clarinda Penick

    Yay! We made the cut of favorites!! 🙂

    • Clarinda, we LOVED being at Victory! I still laugh thinking of our thrift store fashion show and drool over memories of Pi Night! Thanks for making us feel so welcomed and included while we were there.

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