Fall Adventures

After Charlie’s appendectomy, we spent a few days resting and promoting his healing with frozen yogurt runs.  Before he got sick we had planned a couple of quick overnight trips to both Park City and Jackson Hole to do some hiking and enjoy the beautiful fall colors.  Even though Charlie was still a little sore and wouldn’t be able to do the hiking we’d planned, we decided to still get out of town for a change of scenery.  We’ve had a blast this past week taking advantage of his time off and discovering that fall in the West actually rivals our beloved New England!

Fall Trip Highlights

Beautiful drive through the Wasatch Mountains along the Mirror Lake Scenic Highway – we were shocked at the vibrant colors of the changing leaves and the beautiful contrast they made against the evergreens.  And we loved the small towns we drove through while on our way to Park City.  We even woke up the next morning and decided to skip the Morman Temple in Salt Lake City all together in favor of another drive through the Wasatch!

Burnt Ends special at Pat’s BBQ in Salt Lake City – we got there just in time to score the last two plates of the Friday special, burnt brisket ends.  It was fabulous!

Detour through Weber Canyon – We took a random right turn and found ourselves in one of the prettiest canyons we’ve encountered yet.  It was literally on fire with neon yellows and oranges as we wound our way next to a pretty stream.

Beautiful morning drive through the Hoback Valley – we left early in the morning for Jackson and enjoyed a beautiful drive along the Hoback River in the soft mid-morning light.  Charlie was asleep, so I didn’t stop to take any pictures, but I loved watching the gentle light playing on the green meadows and colorful, rolling hills.  Even with all the drama of the other mountain ranges surrounding us, I have a soft spot for the more gentle feel of the Hobacks.

Meeting up with friends – Two other travel nursing friends from Rock Springs were also in Jackson, and we met up with the them to visit a wonderful wildlife art museum and hit up happy hour at one of our favorites, Snake River Brewery.

Finally hitting the wildlife jackpot in Jackson – Finally!  On our way to breakfast at our favorite Jackson spot, The Bunnery, we encountered three moose having breakfast on a local golf course.  Then, on our drive through the Tetons, we were able to get out and watch a male elk “bugle” to his herd of females before finally encountering another moose couple cooling off in a stream later in the day.  Throw in a bear sighting along the way and we finally felt satisfied!

Surprise detour into Idaho – After our drive through the Tetons, we weren’t ready to head home yet.  We took a right turn when we were supposed to go left and saw a sign that Idaho was only a few miles away.  Sold!  We spent the next two hours driving along the back side of the Teton range.  It was so fun to know we’d now seen the mountains from every angle.  Plus, we found a great local creamery turning out their own ice cream and cheeses for an afternoon snack!

See more pictures from these trips here.


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  1. Jennifer Faircloth

    what a treat you gave me this morning! You are so gifted with an eye for God’s magnificence, Darling; thank you!!! talk with you later.. I love you! Mom


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