Sand, sun and seafood

Sunday was one of our favorite Florida days so far.  We only have a couple of weeks left here, so we’re trying to soak up as much sun and fun as possible.  After a picnic lunch by the river in Stuart, we headed out for a river cruise on the Island Princess.


There are so many waterways around here that it’s pretty hard to keep it all straight.  We never know which river we’re crossing, which port the boats are docked in, etc., and it seemed even more complicated when we saw how they all came together in crazy water intersections.  It was a beautiful warm day with big puffy clouds, and we enjoyed putting our feet up and feeling the salty breeze.


We went past some barrier islands, tons of waterfront mansions and under the many bridges that connect the little towns around us.  While I was hoping for more of a nature-focused cruise, it was still just fantastic to be out on the water.


With our feet back on land, we headed back to downtown Stuart for the weekly “Rockin’ the River” concert.  Each Sunday a different band plays right on the riverwalk, and this week was an awesome country band cranking out Marshall Tucker tunes.


When the band finished up, we made our way to Port Salerno to the marina-side deck of the Manatee Grill.  We scored a table right by the water and had a blast listening to the band and enjoying a beer and yummy dinner while watching the sun go down.  I don’t think we could have been more relaxed!


With only a couple of weeks left, I’m hoping for some more sunny days in which we can enjoy the sun, sand, and seafood.  You know…before we head to southern California for more of the same.  Travel nursing has its unique challenges, but on days like this, I can’t really remember what they are!

See more pictures here.


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