Calculating New Route

All has been quiet on the blog front lately, and it’s because we’ve needed every inch of ourselves focused on the Lord.  He’s been leading us in a totally new direction for the last two months, and we haven’t felt like we could talk much about it until He got us to our final destination.  If we had been writing about this all along, you would have thought we were schizophrenic with all the things we thought He was doing!

On January 13, we decided to stop travel nursing and pursue full-time youth ministry.  Yesterday, Charlie accepted the position of Youth Director at Camilla United Methodist Church in Georgia.  The journey between has been beautiful!  The Lord has led us into deeper waters, revealed His will step by step, given us peace about the things He has yet to show us, and blessed our marriage with a renewed bond that comes from gathering up your collective courage and running full speed ahead towards a target you can’t see.

Over the next few days, I want to record the sweet memories and lessons from the past two months.  It might be long (and it might be boring!), but I don’t want to lose a single detail of this experience.  I remember Charlie telling me he wanted to someday be a youth minister, back when we were just friends in Auburn.  Last Sunday, as his wife, I watched as he taught his new group of students for the first time.

I’ve learned enough in the last two years to know I can’t anticipate anything the Lord will do.  When we say “yes” to anything He wants to bring our way, I’m finding that the road becomes more narrow and suddenly includes some hair-raising turns.  Yet the scenery is infinitely more colorful, more lush, and more heavenly.  Best of all, Someone Else is in the driver’s seat, so we get to just look out the window and enjoy the view.  Our little “scenic route” has taken a very big, beautiful turn and I want to remember this stretch of road for a long time.


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  1. Mark

    I’m looking forward to every word about the journey the 2 of you are on! Dad

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