Chances are if you’re reading this, we’re probably well past the introduction stage of our friendship!  We started this little blog as a way for friends and family to keep up with our adventures as we shamelessly use travel nursing to tour the country.  For four years (more for Charlie!), God blessed us with a beautiful life and community in Auburn, Alabama.  Now we can’t wait to see what He has planned as we step completely outside of the box, live only with what fits in our car, and show up in new places with an enthusiasm for His will!

How Travel Nursing Works
Hospitals regularly have short-term staffing needs, and they use travel nurse agencies to fill them.  We work with an agency called American Mobile Healthcare who has contracts with hospitals all over the country, and our recruiter is who helps us find the right fit, secures our housing, etc.   We tell her where we want to live, she researches what contracts are available in that area, and we decide what hospitals Charlie would like to contact for an interview.  Once he has a phone interview with the hospital, we each decide if we feel like it’s a good fit.  If so, he signs a 13-week contract with the hospital and our recruiter gets busy finding us an apartment.  AMH provides us a furnished apartment in the area, so all we need to bring are cookware, clothes, and sheets.  Then, we show up to the new location, unpack (made easy since we’re only bringing what can fit in our Sonata!) and settle in as “residents” of a new community!

What will Rebecca do?
This is a common question, considering most 27-year-olds aren’t quitting their jobs to galavant around the country right now.  We definitely believe that God has called us to travel nursing not just as a fun adventure, but as a way to grow us spiritually and ministerially.  Though Rebecca won’t be able to work since we will move every 13 weeks, God has given her a vision for volunteering with different ministries and non-profits during this time.  Her goal is that whenever Charlie is at work, she has a place she goes to offer her skills and heart to the Lord and the local community.  From homeless ministries to nursing homes, we’re not sure where God will call her to serve in each location, but we’re excited to see how He uses this time to give us a better view of His kingdom.  In Auburn, we have served the local church in very specific capacities and feel this is an opportunity for God to increase our passion for service by expanding our view of His Church.


One response to “About

  1. Linda Wright

    Hi Rebecca,
    So nice to hear from and/or about you. Sounds like you are really enjoying California. I, too, love the sourdough bowls. Yummy. It’s beautiful there, too. Your pictures really capture it well.
    What great memories you are making! I really enjoyed your story about the Thrift Store Fashion Show. Yes, indeedy, you were the hit of the night.
    Take care and thanks for the opportunity to stay in touch!
    With love,

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