While we’ll be sharing some pictures here on the blog, we’ll post many more on our Facebook pages.  However, we realize that not everyone has a Facebook (yes, it’s true and good for you guys!)   If this is you, just click on the links below to see our full photo albums without actually having to sign in to Facebook.

Trip to Connecticut through Washington, D.C.

Life in Connecticut

Martha’s Vineyard trip

Vermont trip

Maine trip

Plymouth trip

Boston trip

NYC trips


Apache Trail, Arizona

Tohono O’odham All-Indian Rodeo

Picacho Peak Hike, Arizona

Tombstone trip

Grand Canyon Trip

Day Trips to Tucson

Madison comes to visit

Trip to Sedona, Flagstaff and Jerome, AZ

Trip to California

San Francisco visits

CA Wine Country

Pacific Beach Trips

Yosemite Trip

Pt. Reyes Trip

Rebecca’s Trip Home

Muir Woods and Stinson Beach Trip

Biking the Golden Gate Bridge

Berkeley and an Oakland A’s game

Kayaking Half Moon Bay and Pescadero, CA

Journey to Wyoming

Anniversary Raft Trip

Wyoming Adventures

Wyoming Hikes

Wyoming Camping

Ft. Collins Trip

Yellowstone Trip

Cody, WY Trip

Fall Adventures in the West

Trip from Wyoming to Florida

Going home Fall 2012

Christmas 2012

Florida Life

Rebecca’s parents visit Florida


37 responses to “Photos

  1. Sheila

    GREAT pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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